While my husband and I were honeymooning in Paris, we found this amazing little boutique that sold as many flavors of soap as you can dream up! Here's a photo of the 'wall of soap':

My favorite scent was 'lait' or milk, it's what I'm currently using when I shower and I will be so sad when I use it all. The chances of me finding a bar of soap as wonderful as this one are slim to none, but I can sure try!

CottageGardenTherapi :: 6 Big 4oz Bars of Milk and Honey Soap
We may have a winner here, and it's a great deal:
$25 for 6 bars of soap! You can't beat that with a stick!
And I love the directions: "

BonnieBath :: Celtic Sea Soap Gift Set with Bowl, Dish,
and Crochet Washcloth for Him or Her

This would make an amazing gift! I love the bowl in comes in too!

SpookyGrrrl :: Berries and Cream Soy Milk and Oatmeal
Skull and Crossbones Soap Set

The punk-rock girl in me is in love with this!
I used to collect anything and everything that had skull and crossbones on it,
especially if it was pink and smelled yummy.

JBSoaps :: Button Goats Milk Soap
Buttons! I love buttons!

LoveLeeSoaps :: Milk and Honey Gnome Soap
Who wouldn't want to wash themselves with a little gnome who smells like milk & honey?!
These guys are too cute for words!

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  1. Thanks so much for including my soap and bowl gift set with the other lovely soaps. It was a pleasant surprise.