Here's a photo of the wreath I made last year using a straw wreath and some scraps of holiday fabric. I found it while the husband and I were purging things in our apartment. Instead of finding a proper home for it, tucked away, I decided it was (early) November already and safe to go ahead and hang it on our door!

I made a couple of these as Christmas presents last year, they're so easy to do!
I think my mom still has one I made back in high school.
Here's a close up:
ItzFitz :: Yarn Wreath
This is a cleaver and simple idea. I adore the felt flowers!

SweetSweetCircles :: Ruffled Wreath
More felt! This could easily be embellished or is just as pretty as is.

carenej77 :: Large Christmas Paper Ribbon Wreath

SucculentDesigns :: Living Succulent Centerpiece/Wreath
I love this! I know someone who may be getting one for Christmas this year...
I just wish I had more of a green thumb, or I'd try to make one myself.

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