Needlepoint Inspiration

This is pure inspiration, enough to make me want to run out to Micheal's this very moment and buy as much embroidery floss as my bank account will allow:

Taking Flight Needlepoint



In honor of my personal D-Day I've found some fun Diet stuff on Etsy:

White-Washed Wooden Sign

Food and Exercise Diary or Tracker

'He Who Indulges Bulges' Pillow

Humorous Lunch Bags

Printable PDF: Weekly Diet & Exercise Tracker


Hairy Situation

This is the reason there were hairs in my dinner last time I made Grandma's Rice & Chicken:

funny pictures of cats with captions

I need to cat-proof my kitchen better...


Vacation: 4th of July Weekend

I'm back at work after being on vacation for almost a week. I find it so hard to sit in front of a computer all day after having the luxury of sleeping in, cooking breakfast (not have stuffing something in my face and grab a coffee cup while running out the door) and asking the wonderful question: 'What shall we do today?'

Me and my wonderful beau both had last Thursday off and had the privilege of borrowing my Dad's trusty Subaru Outback. Now with the proper means we were able to journey down to Ikea. (Oh Ikea, how you inspire me and feed my desire to own a house one day...) We had a mission of making me a craft table to replace my current dinning table/tiny desk set up. We were victorious, finding bright yellow counter tops (under $40 for enough to span 100 inches!) and we got three kitchen cabinet cases, with shelves, to use at the 'legs' on either side and in the middle. Its fabulous! :)

Once all the craft table bits (some assembly required) were unloaded it was off to the Pioneer Square Artwalk! Our tiny little studio at the 619 Western Building was filled to the brim with sweaty and slightly intoxicated art seekers. Since we were on 'vacation' at this point there was little to no effort put forth, and still quite successful! I sold 5 wallets and got some awesome feed back.

The next morning we were off to Oregon in the Outback, armed with classic CDs, snacks and good company (each other). The usual 3.5 hour ride turned into 6 hours (*groan* holiday traffic) to
Astoria, Oregon, where we ended up following a nutty local, to avoid more traffic, who gave a quick, whirl-wind tour of land mark Astoria: the 'Goonies' house and the 'Kindergarten Cop' school! Once safely inside the condo my Grandmother had bought back in 1982, with my parents, favorite cousin, aunt and her husband, our vacation truly began.

Honestly, there is no better place to take a deep breath and relax at than the Oregon condo. Sitting in the bay window, over looking the bridge that connects Washington to Oregon over the Columbia River, it puts my mind at ease. The condo is a work in progress, slowing shuffling out Mimi's, my deceased Grandmother, decor, and replacing it with hodge podge updates, (i.e. new kitchen counter tops and various walls painted pastel attempts to make the place more cheery.) Most of the old decor is a combination of rust red/orange, nautical blue and ivory and can be seen on all 4 levels of the 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath tower. In the 'kids room' (the room with two twin beds) on the top floor there is a 15 foot tall wall covered in dotted fish wall paper next to the toilet, and behind the toilet a framed drawing of a wide eyed owl. Needless to say, this place has character!

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting garage sales, thrift shops, outlet stores, windy beaches, beautiful bike trails with wildlife (a herd of elk!), fresh fruit and delicious dinners. Really there wasn't much more I could ask for! (Except to have it last forever... who wants to buy me the winning lotto ticket?)