I stumbled upon a wonderful site full of adorably cute products that I absolutely love, but would never need! Check out theses awesome items from Plasticland:

Cool Beans Coffee Ice Cube Tray
Now that its hot enough out to actually drink iced coffee.
I wonder if I could concocted a half espresso, half chocolate ice cube...

Matryoshka Russian Doll Measuring Cup Set
I think I attempted to ask for these last Christmas, but it did work out...
Glad to know they are still out there for next Christmas (hint, hint!)

Bon Bon Pink Footed Ceramic Cake Stand
Something sweet to put my sweets on!


Paris Honeymoon

Monday mornings I always find myself daydreaming of our upcoming 11 day honeymoon in Paris. Only 3 months away, to the day!

darlingclementine :: Paris Tea Towels
OMG, I want these so bad!

czechpub :: Pair of happy bike table lamps

MerryBluesArt :: "Merci Beaucoup" Note Cards
I feel I will be in need of lots and lots of "Merci" cards soon...

PetitPlat :: Mini Croissants!
I've never actually understood the draw for miniature food items,
I was never a doll house kinda kid, but these are adorable to look at!

TheTinyFig :: French Toast Post Earrings
I can just hear them now: "Oooo la-la!"

TexasGirlDesigns :: Paris Map Necklace
I've always been a sucker for these kinds of necklaces.
I've got one that says Ballard (for my name sake and
one of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle).


The Office

I've spent the past two days at work moving furniture, painting, organizing and reconfiguring my office. Thursday we were closed all day for a 'Clean Up Day' and got piles accomplished (and worked for 12 hours straight!) My office is practically brand new and I've found a new pride in it! It's inspired me to purchase new (and cute) organizational things to make my life easier. Etsy's vintage section has lots to offer:

TheModShop :: Vintage Wire Basket
Baskets are always useful...

ModishVintage :: portable metal file box
Not sure why I'd need my files to be portable, but the color is so pretty!

sevenbc :: Vintage Red Desk Organizer
I'm a sucker for anything that's retro-70's-ish and this cutie fits the bill to a "t"!
Plus it has rounded corners (another weakness of mine).

havenvintage :: Vintage Wood and Metal Two Tier Desk Organizer

Very functional and awesomely practical.

bluebonnetfields :: Vintage Industrial Metal Drawers
And you can never have too many drawers, I always end up with
a million tiny things and no where to store them!


TOMS Shoes

I'm in love with these shoes! Having an unusually wide foot and constantly struggling to find shoes to accommodate and still be cute has been an ongoing battle for most of my life. But TOMS! They're a bit snug at first, but soon enough they begin to fit like a glove and can be worn all day! They even have great arch support (super bonus for my high arches) and a bit of padding in the sole so you can walk for miles in the them. I have a pair of the grey canvas ones, but will invest in another pair soon. I'm thinking red linen, just to be bright and cheery, plus I've heard the linen stretch out a little more than the canvas ones and I'm curious.

Oh! And I've forgotten the best part: TOMS One for One mission! With every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Since their beginning in May 2006, TOMS has given over 600,000 pairs of shoes to children in need, through the purchases of caring customers. How much does that rock?!


Where's the Sunshine?!

Today is the official first day of Summer, though this has been the worst, coldest, rainiest weather I've seen leading up to it. (I actually slept in my heaviest sweats and hoody last night! I was this close to pulling out the down comforter again!) In the hopes that Mother Nature will smile upon us and provide us with some much needed sunshine, and vitamin D, I've found some inspiration for her:

graphicspaces :: Happy Sun Vinyl Wall Decal
He's just so happy!

inkpetals :: Letterpress Poster
I've been obsessed with letterpress recently...

NathalieVan :: Bright Happy Modern Abstract Painting

mimosabyme :: You Are My Sunshine Necklace


DyeMyDarling :: Hand Dyed Merino Wool Yarn
And if all else fails and Mother Nature decides to punish us more
I will just have to knit myself a cheery scarf to keep warm!



I am proud to say I am now selling on Etsy & at the cutest little shop on Capitol Hill: Cakespy!