In Honor of Pride Weekend

Last weekend was the Gay Pride Celebration in Seattle. I had to work at a booth (to promote my Non-Profit:The Deaf-Blind Service Center) and once my shift was over I had the chance to wander through all the booths. Not being gay myself, but a big supporter of equal rights and a lover of all things rainbow I thought this would be the prefect place to spend a little dough on some fun stuff. Unfortunately I was very disappointed with the quality and quantity of the vendors there. First and foremost: 5 food vendors is unacceptable! Especially since my favorite strawberry shortcake seller was not one of them (*super pout face*). Secondly: enough with the "Informational Booths", maybe they would've appealed more to me if I was gay, but really, I'm here for the merch. Finally: the Merchandise (or lack there of), come on! I want to spend my hard earned cash on pretty little rainbows, and you'd think that this would be the perfect place to do so! Boy was I wrong, they had a few so-so t-shirt booths, a Palm Reader and a booth selling paddles and cuffs (which is fitting, but not my style).
So when I arrived home that night I decided I needed to fulfill my rainbow cravings, so I hopped on Etsy and found these fun things:

Rainbow Door Sign

Rainbow Felt Soap - Lavender Scented

Rainbow Wrist Cuff

Pair of Rainbow Soup Mugs
(& one Coffee Mug, not shown)

Rainbow Shorts


Etsy Favorites :: June 2009

I'm constantly finding things that I find beautiful, funny and amazing on Etsy. So since I can't afford to buy all the great things I find and put in my 'favorites' why not share them with the world?

Here are some of my Etsy favorites for the month of June:

Half Full Half Empty earrings

5 Handfelted all-wool pebbles

5x7 Luster Print- Hungry Policemen

Have a Heart Bust Pendant - Chocolate

Dainty Fart Cross Stitch


My Muse, where is she?

I'm having a hard time finding inspiration on what to write about here... blogging is such a foreign thing for me, I have no idea what folks out there would/could find interesting about what I have to say. Then I found this really great blog The Rotund that may be kick starting my blogging life. I really enjoy what the gal has to say about being big and learning to live with it, finding your self and staying true. Plus there's also great links to where to buy great plus size clothes (a constant challenge!) so I plan on checking back to see what else she's added that I can use for my own shopping needs.

So there's still the question of what should I write? The idea is to keep a blog that will help promote my Etsy shop, but at the same time, also a blog to promote my personality, really. I keep reading over and over again that I shouldn't just fill my blog with what I've recently added to my shop, but instead write about things I may find interesting. I think I will attempt to make a recipe of finding from the interwebs that I find cute, fun, educational, funny, and entertaining, then sprinkle in some of my own experiences and top with with the occasional plug for my shop. Now that I've made this plan, lets hope I can stick to it! Since I spend about 40-50 hours a week on the computer, I think it shouldn't be too hard ;)

To begin the blogging adventure, a Lolcats (be prepared for lots and lots of these!):

kitty snuggle line