Must Have Cute

One of the many website I check on a regular basis is Must Have Cute. It is filled with all kinds of adorably cute, kawaii style goodies that I drool and coo over. Here a couple of my recent favorites:

Perpetual Kid :: Log and Squirrel Planter
I am known for killing plants.
My mother fears leaving her plants in my care while on vacation.
I think this may cure my black thumb: a self watering pot where the cute little squirrel
goes into hiding when the water is low. Genius!

Mod Cloth :: Meow for Measuring Cup
My undying love for kitties and baking have finally become one!

Sweetheart Collectibles :: Two Peas in a Pod Salt and Pepper Shakers


Weekend Project: 2-Tiered Server

Yellow 2-tiered server, originally uploaded by kelmakesart.

Here's a cute 2-tiered server I made for cupcakes, amuse-bouche, or other delicious treats! It's a very easy DIY project and also very cost effective (2 plates & 1 glass from Goodwill, plus glue = $6.50!). I plan on posting a tutorial later, as well as more photos of two other tiered severs I made.



At Urban Craft Uprising I have discovered a new favorite thing: Yarnia! They are a yarn shop in Portland, OR, that allows you to pick and choose your own yarn color, weight, material and texture! Here's a fun demo video they made

I'm kind of glad they are 200+ miles away from me, or I'd spend way too much time and money there :)


Urban Craft Uprising

This weekend is my FAVORITE bi-annual craft show:

Every time I go I pick up a new flavor of wool fiber from HiFiber (previously madebyMoxie) and I've got my eye on this one:


Summer Picnic

The 4th of July (last Saturday) was 50 degrees and drizzly all day. It is predicted to be 90 degrees on Thursday! It's true, Seattle summers officially begin on July 5th, without fail. While my fiance and I did just invest in our very first air-conditioner (he's a redhead and hates the sun/heat with a fiery passion), but my best friend and I have made plans to soak up some rays, address all the dreaded wedding invitations, and possibly have a picnic at the park up the road from us. Bonus: across the street from the park is the best ice cream in Seattle- Molly Moons. Their balsamic strawberry, Theo chocolate, and Vivace coffee are my top favorite flavors.

This cute chair and roll up (portable) table set is on our
wedding registry from Crate and Barrel:

Other awesome supplies for making a fantastical picnic-

NstarStudio:: Urban Picnic Rollup
Such a cute way to tote some eco-friendly (bamboo) utensils!

greenappleworkshop :: Wicker Picnic Basket
Vintage and not the typical natural color.
It even has a tray that fits inside to keep things neat and tidy!

WithLuvLulu :: "Picnics are Fun" Card
If only I looked that cute while spilling stuff all over myself...


Happy 4th of July!

Seattle wasn't supposed to have a fireworks show this year, but a few months back a local radio show made the announcement and listeners freaked out. Donations quickly started to poor in and Corporate America (Microsoft, Starbucks, etc...) began pitching in as well and within 24 hours Seattle's fireworks show was back on! Read the whole story here.

This was actually my first time watching the show from the grassy hill at Gas Works Park. I figured I've lived my entire life in Seattle, we're going to be out of town for a friends wedding next year, and there's a chance we'll be living elsewhere in 2012 (or the end of the world...) so now is the time! It was drizzling most of the day leading up to it, but once we arrived at the park it had stopped. We found ourselves a nice patch among the thousand of other folks and waited 2 hours for the show to start. It was well worth it:



I'm always on the hunt for something to brighten my wardrobe and I think I've found it: 50+ colored tights and leggings from welovecolors.com! They even have them in plus sizes, which makes me so very happy :)

Solid Color Plus Sized Tights

Microfiber Footless Tights

Their awesome color selection:


Weekend Wedding Projects

Here's a list of my projects that I'm hoping to finish this weekend. I'm hoping to take pictures as I go along to document the blood, sweat and tears that are going into my million and one DIY projects for our late September wedding.

Colored Petty Coat
How cute would that be? I found the best tutorial
over at Sugardale's blog. (She's brilliant!)
Plus it's not too expensive for the materials, its just labor intensive...

Cute Capelet
I've got some cheap fabric I'm going do a test run on first,
but I'm really excited about it!
Finish our Invitations
This is an example of what inspired our invitations.
More photos to come!
I'm not looking forward to addressing them all...