Planning Ahead

Every year I tell myself to plan well in advance for Christmas. Don't be that crazed person who uses all of their December paycheck to buy last minute, cookie cutter gifts. Why is it I never listen to my own advice?!

This year I'm determined to make a change! Over the past few months I've been scouting out various tutorials on some of my favorite sites and come up with some pretty awesome projects. Now its just a matter of making some time to accomplish them...

The Purl Bee :: Spring Napkins
They call them "Spring" but I'm hoping for "All Season" Napkins
Maybe I'll make some in pretty primary colors...

Acornbud's Yarns :: Knitted Kitty
I have 3 kids under the age of two who I should be making things for.
This seems like a baby proof and super cute toy.
Not to mention super quick (I hope!)

funessa :: Recycled Sweater Blanket
I just wish we had a washer in our apartment so the
felting process would be more manageable...

Knit and Tonic :: Rag Quilt (PDF Tutorial)
I've got enough flannel at home currently to make 3 of these quilts!
Lets hope they go as quickly as the tutorial says...

Megan Mills :: Rib Slippers
I'm almost done with one slipper.
It went quickly, the pattern is simple enough,
but I doubt I'll be able to make it more than one pair this year.



"The path you pick determines where you'll end up. What direction are you aiming for?"

"To accomplish great things, we must not only plan, but also believe."

"If you don't dare to begin, you don't stand a chance of getting where you want to be."

"Who makes it happen?"

Daily goals

  • I will eat a healthy breakfast (including a fruit!) before leaving the house every morning.
  • I will take my daily vitamins.
  • I will drink 60+ oz of water everyday.
  • I will eat a vegetable at both lunch and dinner.
  • I will only eat out once a week.
  • I will try a new recipe once a week.
  • I will be active 30 minutes 5 days a week.



Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. I will begin a new journey that will guide me to become more healthy, more fit, more happy and THIN! My best friend has been on Weight Watchers for the past several months and has encouraged me to join her once all the wedding mayhem has stopped. Mark and I have been back from Paris for less than a week, and I've been looking forward to my first WW meeting for a long while. I am ready!

This is my 'Before' photo. It was taken the morning of my wedding, while I was getting my makeup done and my hair was setting in curls. I think it is a beautiful photo. The lighting is wonderful, I'm happy, I look pretty, and I look fat. It's that simple. This is me at my heaviest: 302 lbs. (Yes interwebs, I'm publicly announced my true weight! I refused to be ashamed!)

Something has clicked (finally!) inside me, allowing me to (finally!) accept that I NEED to lose weight. And this time it's for the right reason: I'm doing this for myself! I want to be able to go shopping at any store without frustration. I want to be able to walk up a hill or flight of stairs and not be winded. I want to be able to one day have kids and be able to play with them! I'm ready for life and I'm ready for this journey. Bring it!


cat versus human

My new favorite blog: cat versus human! It's like she's drawing the cartoons from my life sometimes!