Quick owl coffee cup cozy

This is a great yarn stash project that only takes a day to stitch up! I'm up to the top cuff already. Just need to hunt for the perfect button eyes, in thinking yellow will accent the green tones nicely. Will post a photo of the finished product soon!


Adventures in Sashiko

One of my many "In Progress" projects.

A rainbow Sashiko pillow for out new couch we have yet to buy.


Decorating with Turtles

I have a love of turtles that began when I was a pre-teen and has never gone away. It possibly started earlier, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my favorite cartoon after all, but it really didn't become an obsession until I was 12 or so. One fine summer I developed a crush on a camp councilor who was nick-named 'Turtle'. Ever since that summer I have always been searching for turtle trinkets, but I've had to ask my friends and family to stop buying me turtle memorabilia. There's only so many bobble head turtles from Mexico one person can own.

Every once in awhile I'll hop on Etsy and type 'turtle' into search box, today I searched the entire Vintage section to see what turtley things were available. This is what I found:

goodvintage :: Kitties and a Turtle
I actually just bought this! I couldn't help myself...
It's got so many things I love in one place:
kitties, turtles, and paint-by-number

TotallyOldSchool :: Vintage Classroom Poster Print
I want to frame this and hang it in our new bedroom.
And possible save it for when we have kids.

CrabappleVintage :: Vintage Embroidery Wall Hanging of Turtle
This is the happiest, most colorful, embroidered turtle I've ever seen!

theButterDish :: Turtle Chalkboard
I need this for my craftroom!

birdievalleyvintage :: Horsehair Fired Pottery Turtle
So sweet and understated.

shocreations :: Vintage Japanese Turtle Figurine Stand for Display
This would be perfect to put a potted plant on top of,
now how do I keep my kitties from eating said plant?

Socks in Progress

Toe-up socks that will never be finish!