Holiday Cheer

This is how I've felt all week...

I love the holidays, but the stress of buying the 'prefect gift' and making sure it's in the mail on time is never fun. Every year I tell myself I will do Christmas shopping in May or June or August, not November! And every year I fail to stay true to that promise. At least this year I have a good excuse: planning a wedding and honeymoon is time consuming! Maybe next year will be my year to be prepared and have the chance to truly enjoy the Holidays.... maybe...


An apple a day

VikDesign :: 2011 An Apple A Day letterpress calendar
This is such a clever idea! Encouraging eating an apple a day,
ensuring you get at least one of your five fruits and veggies everyday!

The darker version is custom, and more expensive,
but more visually pleasing.

The graphics are simple and clear:
pick an apple, peel the sticker and stick it to the calendar!

I want one!


Sick Day

I spent most of the weekend on the couch, with a nasty cold. I even took Monday off in hopes all I needed was extra rest. I'm still stuck with a sniffle, cough and feel as though I'm stuck in a fog, but I don't want to waste any more of my ETO (Earned Time Off) on being sick. I'm armed with a bottle of hand sanitizer, a box of Kleenex and a big bottle of water. I'm counting down the minutes until I can run home and be in my PJ's sipping a nice big mug of my new favorite tea:

Good Earth Tea :: Decaf Chai Tea
Unlike many other Chai tea's, this one is very subtle, exactly they way I like it!
And it's decaf, so I can sip it before going to bed guilt free!

AngelaIngram :: Tea Drinker's Sidekick
I need a mug like this, I'm always lacking a place to stash my used tea bag.
They usually end up on a piece of paper I find on the coffee table...

catfishcorner :: Ceramic Cat Dish
This is another cute alternative to my teabag issue.
He's welcoming my used teabag with open arms! Thank you Mr. Cute Kitty!

PillowsToDyeFor :: Solid Colored Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs
A couple years ago I took all the flannel scraps of fabric I had around the house
and sewed up a pile of hankies to keep in a drawer for future colds.
I'm so glad I did, they are so handy, and so much more gentle on the nose!

murdockdesign :: Linen Healthy Hanky
And these guys are so darn pretty! Definitely not your grandma's handkerchief!


Bacon Cheeseburger w/ a side of ranch

DeLuxe Bar & Grill :: Burgerama!
Every Wednesday, burgers and fries just $4.99 with purchase of beverage.
I always order the Peppered bacon cheese burger, with a side of ranch dressing.
Yummmmmm... so delicious!

The Hamburger Bed
I want to make a Hamburger Bed so bad! I've got a sewing machine,
and lots of Joann's coupons. All I'd need is a round mattress and bed frame...
I'm pretty sure I could make this happen...

suzannemade :: Cheeseburger Necklace
Rockin' the burger bling!

feltlikeit :: The Cheeseburger Pillow
So comfy, so tasty!

newyorkcouture :: Limited Edition New York Couture BURGER Skirt
Everyone needs a Burger Skirt!


Plus Size Dresses

As any plus size girl knows, buying a dress can be a royal pain in the ass. I often go to Lane Bryant or Torrid to try and find something to wear and am usually disappointed. I find that Lane Bryant trends tend to appeal to middle aged women, while Torrid is focused on a teens audience. Of course, being in my mid-twenties, I'm stuck in the middle, either looking like I'm still in high school, or already have kids in high school. Not sexy, no thank you! I know I'm on a journey to get fit and healthy, so I can hopefully get out of this frustrating shopping cycle and start shopping in regular stores again. But to be practical, it will be awhile (1 year? 2 years?) until that day comes, so in the mean time, I'd like to dress cute!

Jibri :: Plus Size Pale Yellow Spring Dress
This Etsy shop makes dresses up to size 24, and they are gorgeous!
All are handmade and you can contact the seller for special sizing requests.
This one would be prefect for Spring time.

Jibri :: Plus Size Aviator Sleeved Wrap Dress w/ side pockets
Wrap around dresses are so flattering on me,
and this one comes in a variety of colors.
Oh! And it has pockets! I think all dresses should have pockets...

IGIGI :: Swirls and Circles Dress
"Sexy, Sophisticated Plus Size Clothing in sizes 12-32"
This online store has a wide variety of dresses,
and while most are a little pricey, I think their quality allows for a good investment.
And they have a sale section too, which this one is from:

IGIGI :: Jackie 2-in-1 Dress
This looks like a great staple to have in your closet,
you can flip down the cuffs & turn the belt around for an all black dress,
or have the blue exposed like the photo shows, very cute!

IGIGI :: Christelle Wedding Dress
I wish I had discovered this site while I was shopping for my wedding dress.
This one is under $200 and is DARLING!
I kinda want to buy it just because...