Bacon Cheeseburger w/ a side of ranch

DeLuxe Bar & Grill :: Burgerama!
Every Wednesday, burgers and fries just $4.99 with purchase of beverage.
I always order the Peppered bacon cheese burger, with a side of ranch dressing.
Yummmmmm... so delicious!

The Hamburger Bed
I want to make a Hamburger Bed so bad! I've got a sewing machine,
and lots of Joann's coupons. All I'd need is a round mattress and bed frame...
I'm pretty sure I could make this happen...

suzannemade :: Cheeseburger Necklace
Rockin' the burger bling!

feltlikeit :: The Cheeseburger Pillow
So comfy, so tasty!

newyorkcouture :: Limited Edition New York Couture BURGER Skirt
Everyone needs a Burger Skirt!

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