Snowpocalypse 2010

It snowed in Seattle yesterday! I actually went to work in the morning for a few hours, and was grateful when our boss emailed the staff (all two of us who were in the office) that we would be closing at 12:30. I was also grateful that we live close enough to my job that I could just walk home, especially hearing about friends who were stuck on buses for 2 hours and others who were traveling on I-5 for 6 hours!

Here's a couple photos outside our window, taken in the afternoon, before it really started to come down:

After it got dark Mark and I went outside to peak around the corner, down the big hill that's on the other side of our building. We had been watching cars trying to go up and down the hill and our street all evening, slipping and sliding. The hill had at some been blocked, and our neighbors came out with sleds and laundry baskets to slide down the hill in/on! I wish I had brought my camera, but didn't want to risk dropping it in the snow.

This a video (taken on a street near our place) showing the stupidity of Seattlites who should've never tried to drive on the sheets of ice that covered our streets:

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