Rag Quilt

I've been on a sewing kick recently. While browsing Etsy I came across a style of quilt I never new existed: Rag Quilts. They are so easy and simple! I loosely used this PDF tutorial (if you want more thorough instructions please see this link!). The last trip to the fabric store I picked up a ton of flannel (1 yard of 6 different solids/patterns & 2 yards of solid white, enough to make two 35"x56" baby blankets).

Here is my helper, John:

I cut 8-inch squares of each fabric.

One yard of fabric = 20 8-inch squares

6 of the 7 colors I chose for the blankets:

I decided not to make a pattern for the layout,
but instead just make sure there was a solid in between each pattern square.
(Each square is double the fabric.)

Then sewed an 'X' through each square of doubled fabric.

And then sewed each seam facing up on one side.

1/2" inseam, though you can make them any size you want,
just as long as its big enough to snip later on!
You'll see what I mean...

Close up:

Then you start to clip all the edges!
About 1/4" between each snip, to help the fraying process.

Beware, this takes a long time...

This is the finished blanket, before washing.
I'll post another photo when I get a chance to take it to the laundry mat,
apparently that's the best place to wash and dry this kind of quilt.

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