2011 Calendars

It's that time of year again when I start thinking about plans for the new year (only 1.5 months away!). I got lots of use out of my day planner this past year, with all the wedding related appointments, I'll probably need another one this year, just to stay in good habit.

katieblairdesigns:: 2011 screen printed calendar (Blue Sky)
So sunny and cheery! I'd be happy to display this year round!

aruricards:: 2011 Planner-Exercise Book
I love the design, I find it so inspirational!

cefn :: Perpetual Horizon Erasable Calendar - for 2011 and beyond
A modern twist on the dry erase board design. Clean, crisp, beautiful!

Annie42:: Matchbooks 2011 Calendars

I'm totally making some of these for stocking stuffer's this year!

SimpleShapes:: Unique Dry Erase Board Decal - Wall Calendar
I really want this on my wall, next to my desk at work.
The wall is a nice navy blue, I'd love to have the lettering in a cheery yellow-orange!

redstarINK:: one calendar. brown and blue
This would also be great for my office!


  1. Cefn's perpetual calendar intrigues me!! I'm loving the wood grain, and overall simple design. You could use this for years and years... He needs to have more events happen in his life though!

  2. Thank you for featuring my planner on your lovely blog!