Must have knitting supplies

If I had more free time I'd use every last minute of it knitting. If I had unlimited money I would buy a house and have a room entirely dedicated to storing all my yarn and knitting supplies, and I would have two rocking chairs. One would be out on the front porch, the other would be placed in front of our fireplace. I would then spend days working on an endless list of projects, creating heirlooms for every member of my family! It's something to aim for...

KnitterBag:: Knitting needles organizer holder - KITTY KITTY
Even if you've only known me 5 minutes,
you'd know this is right up my alley: cats, organization and knitting!

valentinearts:: Handspun Wool Yarn - Zombie BBQ
I just love the name 'Zombie BBQ'!
This would make a fun hat or pair of slippers.

JulieKnowlesPottery :: Yarn Bowl
Isn't this so creative? And so much prettier than
the small bags I usually keep my current projects in.

Succaplokki:: Puiccomitta-Needle gauge

Designed and made by a man from Finland, using recycled plastic.

rememberwynn:: Synthetic Suede Knitting Labels
These are beautiful, and could easily be used for much more than just knitting projects.
Imagine them printed up with my cute little 'KMA' logo. Oh, the possibilities!

jeanettejed:: Snag Free Stitch Markers
I'm always a sucker for rainbows, and these stitch markers
would be so helpful when knitting up a pair of socks.
Heck, they may even help me actually FINISH a pair of socks
(a feat I've yet to accomplish)!

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